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Saturday, July 23, 2005
that's a wrap, obviously you can see I am having problems with blogger..
Hey, that's all. That's a wrap here. I am moving over to www.4peregrinos.com. It's been fun. Blogger has been absolutely solid and totally free. What can I say?

I would love to hear from at the new site! Peace.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Are you a lonely blogger?
I think a blog, i mean this place rigth here can be on of the loneliest spaces to "occupy". It must be something like living in a large city but knowing and interacting with no one. It must be that kind of loneliness - surrounded by so many but connecting with so few. That's internet blogging at it worst. I have been there. Here are the warning signs: You ruthlessly check and recheck you blog comments daily even though you never find any. You obsessively frequent other busy blogs dropping comments often. You secretly wish others would have something to say to you...blah, blah, blah...maybe it hasn't gotten that bad for you...maybe I am a little crazy. But it still holds the same I wonder how many "lonely bloggers" there are out there?

But what a great discipline to move into. What if lonely bloggers pushed through and discovered another reason to blog - beyond just simply trying to recieve from others? What if the reason for blogging in the first place changed and became a free offering? What if my or your blog post were just a selfless offering to the world (or whoever may or may not drop by)?

So that is and has been my resolve to simply continue, beyond my we ingrained consumerism (where I want to take everything from everything and everyone all the time) to a sort of free offering. This is my attempt to give back - not to someone secifically and with an attempt to do away with alterior motives. I want simply to offer myself - and require none or nothing back...

This is an aspect of the person of Jesus that I am most attracted too. It also the aspect of this God/man that I find my difficult - a road or incline I find most challenging to ascend.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005
ONE Campaign...are you in?
The one campaign is up and running, it is looking stong. Tania and I are in. Please come along. Pray, write, buy the wristband do everything to stand with a growing number of people who care about Africans. I am. I will.

Go to www.one.org

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
enjoying x&y...
Coldplay nails it again with their new x&y album. Excellleeennnttt!!!

I have been reading this= http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1573223093/104-0943000-6574365?v=glance. Here's cool quote by the guy who just wont go away...he's unreal. I wish it were different. I expect less but he comes with more and keeps showing up everywhere....in my life.

"Right now there is the biggest pandemic in the history of civilization, happening in world now with AIDS. It's bigger than the Black Death, took a third of Europe in the Middle Ages. Sixty-five hundred Africans are dying every day of a preventable, treatable disease. And it is not a priority for the West: two 9/11s a day, eighteen jumbo jets of fathers, mothers, families falling out of the sky. No tears, no letters of condolence, no fifty-one-gun salutes. Why? Because we don't put the same value on African life as we put on a European or an American life. God will not let us get away with this, history certainly won't let us get away with our excuses. We say we can't get these antiretroviral drugs to the farthest reaches of Africa, but we can get them our cold fizzy drinks. The tiniest village, you can find a bottle of Coke. Look if we thought that an African life was equal in value to an English, a French, or an Irish life, we wouldn't let two and half million Africans die every year for the stupidest of reasons: money. We just wouldn't."

--- Bono, p. 81

Sunday, June 12, 2005
God hates fags?

It just so happened that Tania's cousin Jarod was graduating from West High (Tracy) yesterday which become one of two targeted demonstrations by the group from Kansas - self titled "God hates fags." See their website

We (me and Rob - Tania's brother in law) went outl looking for them yesterday afternoon, but we missed them. Then this morning they showed up at couple of churches (episcopal and catholic). Rob and my father-in-law we able to talk with some of these folks a bit. And all this has provided some interesting conversation about the bible, about fundamentalists, about hate and love, and alot more.

Outside of the good in all of that...this group is freakin weird. They've gone astray...a biproduct of ultra modern, american, red-state bull shit-church. What are they doing in central California shouting obsenities to my father in law and telling him that he will soon "eat his own feces"!?

Only in America...I know it's obvious but this kind of "faith" and "practice" is so false...in so many ways...

Friday, May 27, 2005
dead air
I know. I know. It's been dead air here. Dead space. I am sorry. I am way too busy to even waste my time here describing it. Anyway. I am reading a great book (3 books) by Robert Farrar Capon and another great book called Bono - which is the documented on going conversation with the dude. Way...cool. Both are different yet equally stimulating...

For the flat details about our move toward spain see www.thebaileycrew.com


Thursday, May 19, 2005
dinner at Nemeth's
Love you guys!

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